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Default Re: Battle of Ohio!!!!

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
isnt it ironic how we laughed and cheered when the browns beat the bungles and ravens earlier in the year, thinking they were destined for the basement and that they were actually doing the steelers a favor by knocking off the main competition for the division?

how the tides have turned. most fans are still waiting for the browns to go on that 3 game slide and miss the playoffs. well, there is only 2 games left and that slide is about as real as the inevitable steve mcnair injury baltimore was gonna face last year.

the browns arent gonna fall, especially not this weekend to the bungles. they have quit. not only will most tickets be sold to brownfans, but most of the bunglefans will be rooting for the brownies to stick it to the steelers anyways.

no way i can root for the bungles, when i doubt they even show up. the browns will win out. at this point we are lucky they got robbed against arizona. im rooting for the steelers to find their huevos vs the rams and save a little for baltimore. we may leave baltimore with a win, but i doubt we leave w/o any injuries.

at this point i am rooting for anybody playing the titans. we will need jim sorgi and the rest of the colt 3rd stringers to show up like the steelers did vs. bills in 04.
Let's just hope Pittsburgh wins Thursday and puts pressure on the Browns for Sunday - I have my doubts about that

I think it comes down to winning in Baltimore to make the playoffs - I am not counting on the Jets, Bengals, Colts or 49ers to help out - If the Steelers lose to the Ravens in Baltimore to top off a 4-3 or 3-4 finish they deserve to miss the playoffs.
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