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Default 2007 Pro Bowlers- Grins and Groans

so who was snubbed? any suprises? you glad to see somebody finally make it in? who didnt deserve it (ogden)? any notables?

looks like the browns took a hit with joe thomas not making it (freaking ogden???) k. winslow jr coulda very well made it if the names gates and gonzales werent on the ballot.

sweet justice for braylon edwards to edge out chad johnson. i hate to admit it, but edwards is good.

the biggest shame is that fred taylor didnt finally make it. hes just as good as he showed last weekend. always has been and hes shaken that "injury prone" stigma that has plagued his career.

notable: sf punter andy lee. you know, the one we signed in the offseason for 6 years and $7 million? frisco matched the offer to the restricted free agent and should be thanking us for doing a great contract for them. in 4 years this deal will be a bargain.

"one mans trash is another mans treasure" award: leonard davis. bust in arizona. multi-millionair pro bowler in dallas
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