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Default Re: Battle of Ohio!!!!

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
I predict that the Bungles will win this game - they are playing for pride and would love nothing more than to spoil the Browns season. Both teams have swiss cheese D's, so a high-scoring game wouldn't be too far fetched. Gawd - it still gags me having to root for the Bungles.

I understand what you are saying HTG but I have to disagree a little with you. The Bengals have, IMO, NO pride left at all!!! Of course they would love to spoil the Browns chances of any playoff hopes but, it's NOT gonna happen!!! You have to understand that Cleveland wants this SO BAD, no one is going to ruin it for us. Our guys were so pumped last week playing in that God-awful snowstorm..they showed life in them that I haven't seen all season and they want this in the worst way.

I see us winning big. Sorry to disappoint you guys but, I have pride in my team and I feel a victory coming for us on Sunday.

By the way HTG, I don't want you gagging...root for my Brownies !!!
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