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Default Re: Prayers for my niece, please!

Amanda got out of surgery around 4 pm this afternoon. She had the surgery at Children's in Pittsburgh.

The doctor was talking to them when I called and he says everything went better than great!! They turned it on while she was under and the auditory nerve had better than normal response. Now it will stay off for several weeks while she heals and then they will turn it on. Her hearing will sound robotic at first but as they fine tune it over the next couple of months, he said her hearing will become normalized. She will even be able to pick up a phone and use it normally!

I am so happy for her! She has never been able to socialize normally........she couldn't watch TV or movies with us because we would have had to turn it up extra loud for her. She always watched TV by herself in her bedroom with earphones. What a difference this will make in her life......especially now that she's becoming a teenager and all the normal social things she will be able to do now.

Thank you all for your special prayers...... they are apprciated more than you'll ever know!

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