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Default Re: Steelers vs Colts Game Talk Thread

Does anyone remember how many players came back today that have been out? Forget the QB being out for 3 weeks, but we had a few other starters out that came back this week. Before everyone starts talking about firing the coach and "rebuilding" next year, and the almighty draft............ WE AREN'T DONE YET! Good God Almighty, what is wrong with you people?! Are you sure you're Steelers fans? Look at the big picture and quit your whining. Koopa, you have obviously endured enough pain with Cowher at the helm, I say YOU resign as a fan! I'm sick of hearing people complain about him. Parity in the league is a beautiful thing, if you think that just because he coaches our beloved team that he has some kind of edge to get to the SB, then you just need to get real. Maybe Fantasy Football would be best for you. People get hurt and coaches make mistakes and yes.... play calling sucks more than we like it to! But if you're a fan you can stick with it because we do succeed more times than not. Steelers fans are spoiled. Look at Detroit, they get a good coach and fire him because of the GM's failures! If you're truly a fan then you'll recognize how special your team is and will be. If you don't, sorry about your luck!
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