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Default Re: Steelers vs Colts Game Talk Thread

Last night was quite possibly the most depressing Steeler game I've watched since the AFC Championship game last year What's more, I'm deep in Redskin territory down here in Richmond, VA so there's absolutely no sympathy as I wear my Bettis jersey in mourning.

But what sucked the most about the game was that the defense had the Colts offense more or less contained considering how amazing Peyton and his crew was Cowher's brilliant onside kick and a couple key mistakes on the Steelers' offense that handed the game over to the Colts. I'm not kicking Cowher when he's down or anything cuz I think he's still a great coach, but he seriously screwed his team last night. Right from the start it was obvious that it would be a battle over field position and yet he opens the 2nd half with a half-assed onside kick.

Oh well, at least we got to see Troy make an awesome interception
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