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Default Re: Steelers vs Colts Game Talk Thread

It's not easy to admit, but the Steelers got outplayed and outcoached, las night. Whether it was unimaginative play calling -- run, run, pass -- a lack of discipline on defense -- 80-yard play-action pass to open the game and several James' rushes that seemed to be stopped only to turn in to decent gains -- or another crippling performance from special teams -- missed field goal and the onside kick -- the Steelers simply got schooled.

I'm not giving up on the season. Pittsburgh is still in the North and if they win at home against Cincy they could get on a roll and finish strong. What I am concerned with, however, is the way our team seems to piss down both legs when they are facing an opponent who may be viewed as the superior team. Outside of last season's wins against undefeated Philly and New England, when was the last time the Steelers won a game over a "better" team when it mattered? Sure, people were jocking Cincy when the Steelers beat them, but the Bengals were trying to figure out how to win meaningful games.

No excuses. Pittsburgh had their chances and they couldn't do anything with them. It's becoming disheartening but in the up and down world of the NFL if a team gets hot at the right time they can ride it to a title. Can the Steelers do it? Absolutely, but not if they play like they did on MNF.
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