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Default Re: Falcons Now Chasing Schottenheimer

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
What does it say when coaches that are known for disicipline want nothing to do with your team?

In Blank's defense, I really think Cowher's deal with his family is 2 years off to have an easy payday on something he surprisingly appears to enjoy doing & is doing well (subject to the Redskins or Giants job opening up) and Parcells is simply a weasel.

But I also think a strong coach is not going to put up with Blank being a Jerry Jones wannabe who goes down to the sidelines for the 4th quarter of games, schmoozes players directly in contract negotiations, and meets with the HC every week.

Blank needs to hire a good football CEO and turn over the keys to the car - living in Atlanta and watching the Falcons under the ownership of Rankin Smith and then Blank gives me an appreciation for the Rooneys that someone not exposed to a totally dysfunctional operation cannot have.
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