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Default Re: Steelers Fans Take Over St. Louis!

There were a ton of Steelers fans in the Lou last night. I came up from Carbondale with three friends, two of whom were rooting for the Steelers. It was a fun environment, but things got a little brutal at the game. To say our seats were nosebleeds doesn't do the term justice. We were in the second-to-last row at the top of section 417 and it was a steep walk up. We had the game-film view, minus the rewind option, but we were surrounded by Steelers fans.

Our section exploded after the first Steelers' TD, so much so that the Steelers fan behind me tumbled down into our row. By the time he was done falling, he was sitting backwards in what was once my seat. I was three rows down, flat on my back, looking some extremely surprised woman next to my feet right in the eyes. I bounced down over two rows of seats before landing in the third. Talk about embarrassing. You know that feeling you get when you know people are staring at you and talking about you? Yeah, multiply it by about 200 eyes and you've got the number of people who were staring at me as I made the walk of shame back to my seat. Luckily I was just buzzed enough to laugh it off.

So I got back to my seat and the guy who knocked me down apologized, but didn't offer me a beer, and I was back to watching the game while praying my fall wasn't on tape because it would have made ESPN's "Not Top 10." Anyway, I'm was lucky enough to get a spot under a leak in the roof so every couple of minutes water would drip onto my head. The rest of the game was pretty uneventful and we left when it was over. I lost my Terrible Towel somewhere on the walk back to the car, but that wasn't all I didn't make it home with -- my keys fell out of my pocket when I took my header. Too bad I didn't realize it until I was two hours away from the stadium. I had to stay at a buddy's house and drive back to St. Louis from Carbondale today to pick up my keys.

Still, the Steelers won so I've got to say it was a great experience.
"We have to be the more violent team." Mike Tomlin at halftime of the Monday Night Football butt-kicking the Steelers put on Baltimore.
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