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Default My Steelers Christmas Wish List!

Dear Santa, a.k.a. Art Rooney I

Please make one of our wide receivers step up and become a star!
Please give Big Ben a healthy knee!
Please explain to our O-Linemen how to block, and not move until the snap.
Please give our defense more speed for a better pass rush.
Please explain to Reed the difference between indoor and outdoor kicking.
Please give Duce the courage and strength to play back to back games.
Please don`t bring the Bus anymore candy.
Please give Coach Cowher the knowledge he needs in the big games!
Please let us revenge our loss to the Colts.

I`ve been very good! Well kind of, but I really deserve everything on my list . Okay maybe not deserve,but I really want this things.
Also grant all my Steelers Fever Forum friends thier wishes too. They will list them all right here for you!

Thank You Santa.
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