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Default Re: Steelers Fans Take Over St. Louis!

Originally Posted by sherlock View Post
Thank you for your answers.Do the Steelers have one of the largest "States-wide" fan bases in the NFL?.If so what makes them so popular?
What other teams have a large following throughout America?
Sorry for all these questions but I`m a VERY new convert to the NFL and the Steelers .......I mean(you guys ain`t gonna believe this) I wasn`t even aware that the Steelers won Super Bowl XL until a couple of months ago least you can`t accuse me of being a glory hunter!
Over the last 30 years, Pittsburgh has lost what... HALF its residents due to the shutdown of the steel mills. Now, they have families that grew up and are having kids. Yet, they are all Steelers fans at heart. Thus, we have probably.. literally, MILLIONS of Steelers fans all over the country. Then, we were the first (and the best) SB dynasty. Thus, we gathered a lot of fans then, and THOSE fans taught their children.
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