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Default Re: Admit it

does anyone actually believe all this karma crap getting the patriots or is it just a catchphrase people like to throw out there meaning "nothing lasts forever".

i mean, maybe karma has already caught up to them by turning what looked like a top 5 pick from the 49ers, into nothing but a top 10 pick.

maybe all this good luck this season is karma paying them back for all the good they did in the past or the misfortune they suffered... isnt that how karma supposedly works?

i wonder what tony dungy and andy reid did so bad that made karma bite them in the ass?

what did the steelers do so wrong to earn willie parkers broken leg?

karma schmarma....

i do hope the patriots contstant "stroke of good luck" comes to a screeching halt though, by whatever means. im just not holding my breath for forces of the universe to step in or divine intervention. its just football.
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