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Default Re: Cheatriots do what they want

Originally Posted by iloveben7 View Post
I know I noticed that awhile back. The Cheatriots only kept the number on for one week. The Broncos wear 2 of their own players' numbers and Taylors, so why can't the Patriots? Oh yeah I forgot, because they ARE the Patriots.
Let me get this straight, the Patriots are bad guys for only wearing the number 21 with Hill's #91 for one week. So everyone surely must be wearing 91 with 21 plus the Bronco's two numbers they wear. Just curious, what are the Steelers wearing? I hope they are not disrespecting us by not wearing a 91. I doubt anyone paid tribute to Hill but you have no problem with that. In fact the statement "who the hell is #91?'" is a bit disrespectful of our fallen player. Boy, some of you folks are really going out of your way to hate the Pats.
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