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Default Re: Cheatriots do what they want

Originally Posted by 5by2010 View Post
Let me get this straight, the Patriots are bad guys for only wearing the number 21 with Hill's #91 for one week. So everyone surely must be wearing 91 with 21 plus the Bronco's two numbers they wear. Just curious, what are the Steelers wearing? I hope they are not disrespecting us by not wearing a 91. I doubt anyone paid tribute to Hill but you have no problem with that. In fact the statement "who the hell is #91?'" is a bit disrespectful of our fallen player. Boy, some of you folks are really going out of your way to hate the Pats.
I can't speak for everyone else, but as I've said many times on this board - I don't hate the Pats team. I can't stomach their arrogant, pompous, cheating, philandering coach and an owner who pats (no pun intended) that owner on the back for cheating instead of throwing him out on his ear.

I feel very badly that Marquise lost his life at such a young age and commend the young man for his heroic efforts to sacrifice his own life so that his girlfriend could live on.

However - I have to agree with what has already been stated in this thread - how difficult would it have been to continue to wear Sean Taylor's number on their helmets in addition to Hill's? It would have meant no disrespect to Marquise Hill and quite possibly would have shown that the Pats organization has a teenie bit of class. Instead, they've just proven what most NFL fans already know - they're all a$$ and no class.

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