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Default Re: Cheatriots do what they want

Originally Posted by NCSteeler View Post
Sorry guys , I gotta side with the PATs fans on this one. Why is the rest of the league not wearing Hill's #91 or Darrent Williams #27 or Damien Nash's #29 . The list could go on and on many players have died in the last year and yet Taylor is the only one honored by the NFL, because it happened during the season and created media draw and revenue.
Originally Posted by 5by2010 View Post
How difficult would it have been to wear Marquise Hill's number on their helmets in addition to Taylors?It would have meant no disrespect to Taylor and quite possibly would have shown that the Steelers organization has a teenie bit of class. Instead, they've just proven what most NFL fans already know - they're all a$$ and no class.
It isn't for organizations to decide. The strict uniform code only allows teams to wear their players which have passed away unless it is a special occasion like Sean Taylor (In season).

This whole thread has turned pointless. The poster didn't know about Marquise hill most likely because his death didn't occur in season, now that corrected there isn't any reason to be arguing in here. Players in the league are all friends with each other now days. 'Wearing his number' or 'not wearing his number' isn't a sign of dis-respect. What a childish discussion this has formed into.

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