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Default Re: Cheatriots do what they want

The Patriots have shown to be classless lowlifes this season. It started with Spygate and has gone on from there.

Do you want to know why the Steelers don't have #91 on their helmets? The NFL uniform rules forbid it, unless the NFL makes an exception (a la Sean Taylor's #21).

Sean Taylor was a major part of the Redskins' defense. He was also murdered, during the football season. That is a really big deal, it rarley happens. He didn't die due to doing something stupid, his house was broken into and he was murdered.

Hill wasn't murdered. He was actually being stupid by not wearing a flotation device. He made the desicion to ride a watercraft without one and paid the unltimate price for his stupidity. He did an honorable and brave thing by saving his girlfriend, but in the end, what he did was still stupid and his own fault.

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