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Default Re: Favorite non-Steeler?

Originally Posted by touchdownward View Post
I have to say rookie FS Reggie Nelson for the jags is high on my list if not at the top.
I teach at a special school and one of the mentally and physically disabled students is a big UF fan (Reggie's college team). I wrote the jags requesting a signed picture of Nelson and within 5 days of sending out the letter, the student had a signed (to him) photo of Reggie.
He had to have gotten that out the same day he received my letter. Mad props to him.

I know he's a rookie and all, but most players want to charge you because alot of people are just wanting to sell something on ebay.
that's pretty cool.

I don't know if I remember this correctly but wasn't there a story during the offseason about anthony smith wanting to charge for his picture or something like that? Am I mistaken in this? someone correct me if I'm wrong. but if it's true it shows you how 2 young players act differently
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