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Default Re: Favorite non-Steeler?

All very good, Growing up in So Cal I hung out with a ton of Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders who played ball... some of the most carefree lovable beasts you could ever meet. Great guys and awesome food. Their families are neat too. Most were LDS Mormons,solid giving people.

I'm also a Favre fan, I think most fans would agree I would rather have him on a commercial then brady or manning. I met Favre very briefly after Hurricane Katrina when he came to thank a bunch of us Firefighters and Search and Rescue teams who volunteered to work there. His family home in Kiln Miss was banged up pretty well. He is genuine Good People. Not a stich of arrogance in that guy.He looks you right in the eye and is humble. To say I'm proud of him this year would be an understatement.

Tony Dungy is another guy I like,he always mentions his love for his days as a Steeler. Randle El is another guy that I also like and wish he were still a Stiller.
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