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Default Re: Why can't I ignore mods?

Originally Posted by CantStop85 View Post
Sometimes I like to put everyone on ignore so it feels like I'm talking to myself. That way I can never lose an argument.

PS: Can one of the mods tell me what this thread's about...I can't see what anyone's saying.
I didn't think you needed to ignore people to win an argument

Originally Posted by NCSteeler View Post
What a complete and utter suck up. Drink the koolaid why don't ya. My gosh Mods are human ya know, they make mistakes , they have opinions that suck and on occasion they make outrageous comments, the biased kind.

Anyhow I'm have trouble ignoring all those words in BOLD print.
Hey, I have been a mod on a couple occasions, so believe me I know they are human. I also know how hard those guys work. What was I sucking up too? I don't gain anything from complementing the moderators, they really do a great job.

As far as the bold goes, yeah it is to get my posts noticed - So what do you plan to do? Ignore me!? How fitting.

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