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Default Re: Why can't I ignore mods?

Originally Posted by NCSteeler View Post
What a complete and utter suck up. Drink the koolaid why don't ya. My gosh Mods are human ya know, they make mistakes , they have opinions that suck and on occasion they make outrageous comments, the biased kind.

Anyhow I'm have trouble ignoring all those words in BOLD print.
Of course we make mistakes - as you said, we're only human. This is a very large BB with a myriad of different personalities and viewpoints and there are always going to be disagreements and opinions that differ from the status quo, but I view most of those disagreements (as long as they are done constructively) as healthy discussions which keep the board flourishing. Sure some of our opinions suck, but sometimes, that largely depends on which side of the fence (discussion) you are on.

As far as being biased, I don't believe any of us are biased. Speaking for myself - I've infracted members who I have friendships with off the board (as they can well attest to) when they've violated a rule (rules which I feel are very simple and a part of any successful BB). When I see a post that is a bit "over the top", I normally send a PM warning that member of a violation and ask them to edit their post, which most members agree to do. If the hutzpah continues, then I give them the I don't play faves and I don't view my Mod position as being above anyone else's position here. I'm just a regular member like everyone else who was asked to help with the board's operation. There is a lot of work involved - more than members can view on the open board, but it is "work" that I believe all 3 of us enjoy or we wouldn't be doing it.

ShutDown - thank you for the kind comments. Now take yourself to the corner and drink that nice, tasty Kool-Aid.

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