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Default Re: NFL (Pats) Network

Originally Posted by The Patriot View Post
That's what the media does! They blow things out of proportion. They've been playing this harp since the Pats beat the Cowboys in week 6.
well, id say the speculation was relevant back then. but now??? its a mad scramble for the biggest ratings take ever.

when the steelers played the pats, i could understand the hype of the last remaining chance to defeat the undefeated.

now theres hype of whether coughlin plays all his starters, and questions if he "owes" it to the league, fans, etc to try and win.

we all know thats not gonna happen. even if its a close game, the giants would still be going up against the refs (think polamalu intercepting peyton in the playoffs). i dont think any of the giants players wanna be part of a dog and pony show of pat players breaking records and running up scores.

and honestly, if both teams play their starters, the pats will win by 24. if both teams rested their starters, the patriots 2nd stringers would beat the giants 2nd stringers by 24.

it doesnt matter, and the media will spend all week trying to convince the non football die-hards that it does, despite pumping steelers/pats as "last chance" several weeks ago. the media (and nfl) is pushing hard to captivate the new fan and kinda forgetting about the long timers. understandable, but no less disgusting and boring.

the patriots have always been boring, which lead to their whole 'crying about a lack of respect' mantra. its ironic that in fielding one of the most explosive receiving units ever, they have still remained just as boring (maybe even more so, with their blow outs).

personally, i think the giants should just forfeit. the discussion of those ramifications would be much more entertaining than the current patriot discussion.
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