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Default Re: NFL (Pats) Network

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
i wonder if CBS and NBC plan on having their own 3 hour pregame tribute to the patriots.

"history" (tainted) or not, i cant believe so much hubub is being made over a meaningless game, no more important than a preseason game, where everybody already knows the outcome.

the oversaturation is starting to get very irritating (none of the coverage bugged me during the season) but now its really over the top, and seems to be getting bigger than the sport itself.

whats funny, is its something most die hard fans are not rooting for, and will tune in with hopes of seeing them defeated.

its kinda like most americans probably wouldnt want to view a live electrocution or hanging but would probably tune in if it were osama bin laden being exocuted.

now of course, i'll be tuning in, but only because im a football junkie and would probably be watching if it were seattle vs. miami.
It's really a win win situation. As a NFL fan, you get to see history if they win. As a Steeler fan, if they lose, you get to see the pasties fall flat on their ass in front of a huge National audience.

Guess which one I'm rootin' for.

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