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Default Levi Jones admits Porter kicked his butt, 1 on 1

bunglefans creamed over the release of the damning "video" of the las vegas incident..

they cried for an "odell/henry like" suspension for the former steeler.

they even begged for criminal charges to be brought forth, and made joey porter, k-o'ing the poor defenseless bungle, out to be a worse than o.j. 'assaulting" his ex-wife.

the bunglefans and their wacky, backwoods media, would have the world believe their poor little bungle was jumped and robbed in front of thousands of people and hundereds of cameras, yet levi jones tells a different story:

JONES VS. PORTER: Left tackle Levi Jones, who got jumped by Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter and a gang of his friends in a Las Vegas casino back in March, isn't saying much about Sunday's date in Miami. He said he's focused on one of the best pass rushers in history, Jason Taylor, but does expect Porter to be among five or so Dolphins he'll face in a multiple scheme.

Porter got cited for the incident and was fined three game checks by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, but Jones has always been a bit bemused how the media portrayed the incident.

"It was, 'David vs. Goliath,' ''Jones said. "Not 'David and his army vs. Goliath.' ''

i cant believe this crap these people [continue to] write. no wonder bunglefans are so delusional.
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