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Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
ESPN is running a daily segment where Berman and Parcells debate who would win a game between the Pats and the greatest teams of all time - ESPN did the same type of story 2 years ago, in which 2005 Southern Cal was matched against the greatest college teams of all time before the BCS Championship.

Then USC lost to Texas

Pats have only won the AFC East so far and have not been quite the same juggernaut they were when the weather was warmer, as reflected in this linked story breaking down Brady's stats over the last several weeks

Let's compare Brady's 2007 season to Manning's 2004 season. Manning had 49 touchdowns with just 497 pass attempts. If we assume Brady plays next week like he has the last few games, he'll end up with something like 51 touchdowns in 570 pass attempts. Yes, that gives him more touchdowns, but it isn't as impressive when it takes him 73 more pass attempts to score them.

In addition, Brady has now dropped to 8.3 average yards per attempt. In his record-setting season, Manning averaged 9.2 yards per attempt. That's a huge difference.

The 2007 Pats are far from invincible
Not that we needed it, but another indicator that Brady was after Peyton's record was a 1 yd TD pass to Moss against the Dolphins. I'm sure there have been plenty of those.

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