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Default Re: Add Clark Judge....

Originally Posted by Mosca View Post
Let's toss the stats aside and look at the players. Stats can be team-dependent, after all.

Anderson has a tendency to get rattled and then throws the ball all over the yard off his back foot. He is still young, and he has played with guts and bravado, but he's not a pro bowl caliber player yet. The biggest part of his story is that the Browns sucked last year and they're average this year. I applaud the guy for what he's done, but I think we're overstating the case by calling "PRO BOWL" next to his name. If Anderson, then why not Kitna, too?

Roethlisberger has come of age and silenced his critics, and has excelled in a year where he has taken more sacks per attempt than any other QB in the league. The fact that he has put up those numbers in the face of such pressure makes his accomplishment that much more remarkable. The guy is maturing into a top tier player. Of the big 3 from that year, Roethlisberger is the only one who has really progressed and developed, and he deserves recognition.

If the Steelers had the Browns' O-line, we'd be 15-0 right now and the Pats would be 14-1. If the Browns had the Steelers' O-line, they'd be 3-12. I'd put the Browns' O-line in the Pro Bowl before I'd put in Anderson.
great points tom. judge is making it seem like ben going over anderson is as big of a snub as ogden going instead of joe thomas (who has doen everything to live up to being the #2 pick in the draft).
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