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Default Re: Patriots' Historic Game to Be Available to All of America, After All

Originally Posted by CASTEEL View Post
NFLN, NBC & CBS - that's a bit much..... yeah, sure, I'd be pissed if it were the Steelers and I didn't have NFLN - but the fact that they are putting it on all three of those networks means only $$ is the motive..... it's ridiculous. They don't even do that for the Superbowl - so, suddenly the Patsies are bigger than the Superbowl?
NFL was getting pressure from Congress - lots of Pats fans in Vermont could not get the game on NFLN and their Senator (Leahy) is chairman of Senate Judiciary Committee and was threatening to hold hearings on the league's anti-trust exemption if the game was not put on over the air TV

The decision to have NBC and CBS give the NFL Network the exposure it has so far lacked came in the face of mounting Congressional pressure, a threat to examine the antitrust exemption the National Football League has to negotiate its television contracts.

?I think the pressure was one thing and that had an impact,? said Pat Bowlen, the owner of the Denver Broncos. ?But you look at the significance of the game, of New England possibly going undefeated, and we wanted it to be seen by the whole country.?

Representative Joseph Courtney, Democrat of Connecticut, praised the decision by N.F.L. Commissioner Roger Goodell to expand the game?s availability. Without the simulcasts, tens of thousands of fans in the state ? which has loyalties divided between the Patriot and the Giants ? would not have seen the game.

?It was the right pressure point for Congress to step in and say to the N.F.L., ?You?re a protected industry and you have to look out for the best interests of the fans,?? he said.
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