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Default You Got What You Deserved

I was at the game. With my wife and son 10 years old by the way. Some drunk squealer jerk tried to take my wifes Colts scarf and pulled her to the ground while I was getting a beer. The Cops were right on it and they did not get to see any of the game. Then at the half another A$$ got in my sons face about his Manning shirt. Spilling his beer and spitting like Cowher about how PITT was going to break Mannings legs in the second half. I threw him down a flight of stairs and he left in hand cuffs. Hope he enjoyed the second half from the Marion County lockup! I bet there were no PITT fans in their when he showed up!!! OUCH!! PRISON *****!!

The worst fans base I have ever seen. People being escorted out all night long. You guys talking like you want some more of the COLTS in the playoffs??? You are starting to sound like Denver fans. The BUNGHOLES are a better team and hell their called the BUNGHOLES!! AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!! You will lose Sunday it it will be over for you then!!

Note to Porter (and maybe somebody back there can read this to him): The scoreboard counts points, not testosterone levels. To call this guy a Neanderthal is an insult to Neanderthals. A year ago, he got kicked out of a game against Cleveland. Before the game.
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