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Default Re: You Got What You Deserved

First let me say. If this did happen to you, which I doubt that it did, One Steeler fan doesn`t mean we our all *******s.
Secondly, I just don`t see a few thousand Steelers fan, and 60,000 plus Colts fans, yet you have a fight with two of them. Maybe you are the *******? Maybe you were running your mouth? Maybe you made this all up to look like some kind osf Colts savior?

I guess its because there is NO way in Hell, that I could see a Steelers fan losing a fight to a colts fan, lOLOLOLOL, you are funny dude. Take your sob story and go. Once again you finally have a contender as a team, now you come out of the woodwork. We have no problems with other teams fans here, but we were always here, you just happened to show up after you won. How convient. Your story doesn`t impress the WORLDS GREATEST FANS, The STEELERS FANS. WIN or lose we are here. You can rip on players, rip on teams but don`t rip on us fans you pansy @$$!
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