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Default Best corners?

Ok... This might be the biggest debate for forum goers outside of best NFL quarterback... Who are the best NFL cornerbacks? Here is my list... With so many guys these lists vary a ton so I don't expect that many people will agree with me here.

10. Anthony Henry - A lot of attention gets put on his counterpart Terrence Newman... Newman is fast, makes bigger plays and was selected early in the draft. Henry, however, is the better cover guy. He doesn't get near the credit he deserves.

9. Al Harris - Good at press coverage, very physical and in my opinion masks some of Charles Woodson's weaknesses on the other side of the field.

8. Ike Taylor - Am I biased? Yes. Am I right? Yes. Ike has had an incredible year and can cover with the best of them.

7. Chris McAllister - If he could just stay healthy he could probably be even higher.

6. Namdi Asomugha - He had a better 06 than 07 as far as big plays go, but there weren't nearly as many balls thrown his way this year.

5. Ronde Barber - Older, slower and teams try to pick on him but Barber just keeps on playing well.

4. Antoine Winfield - He doesn't get any credit. All people talk about with that Vikings defense is the Williams brothers, but Winfield is quietly one of the most consistent players in any NFL secondary.

3. Asante Samuel - No question Samuel will be making a ton of $$ this off-season, with or without the Patriots. Not too far off from swapping places with #2.

2. Champ Bailey - Champ isn't the same corner he used to be. He is still top three for sure, but is losing something no doubt about it.

1. Nate Clements - People want to put him down because he got paid the biggest cornerback contract in NFL history, blah blah blah. There is a reason this guy got all that money - he is ROCK solid.

Who are your top guys?
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