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Default Re: Patriots' Historic Game to Be Available to All of America, After All

Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
All I have to say is thank God for cable TV. Saved me from being forced to watch the giant media gang-bang over the Pats.

I am SO hoping that they get beat in the playoffs. I will laugh harder than I have ever laughed before, especially when I see the look of WTF on Collinsworthless' face as he wonders how the "Greatest Team Ever" could ever lose.

F the Pats and F Boston.
I thought I'd tune in to NFL channel on Serius while on a road trip .... boy what a mistake that was .... I couldn't believe what I was hearing with the arse kissing that was going on.... seriously, it was so freakin' pathetic.

to the arse kissing media and the cheating Patsies....
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