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Default Prayers for my Grandma

My grandma has been fighting cancer for the last few years and its got to the point to where the medication isn't working to well. The docs give her about six months give or take. I know she's not going to get better which I wish she could. I'm not really good at asking for this kind of stuff, but if you could include her in your thoughts and prayers for a peaceful and painless ending to this battle I would be forever in your debt. I know that sounds a bit morbid but thats about the best I can hope for now. I watched my grandpa die from lung cancer and how painful it was.
It started out as breast cancer, which they removed. Then a couple years later she had a lump on her neck, which they fought with kemo and it went into remission until this year. But its got into her lymphoid's and her back. She is my last surviving grand parent so any prayers would be very greatly appreciated.

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