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Default Re: Steelers vs. Ratbirds Gameday Thread - 12/30/07

Originally Posted by fansince88 View Post
No I'm not saying he shouldn't have been hired and I'm not trying to disrespect him. I know we are in the playoffs and that we won the division. I just feel that he makes bad play calls more often then not and I really dislike the lack of emotion. But I do respect him for helping to turn the team around, I just feel that if he were coaching anywhere else he would not be in this position. Our players are the reason we have gotten this far.
Your opinion of the talent on this team is higher than many observers - I have issues with the defensive philosophy but IMO the defensive talent (Casey, Troy, LBs other than Harrison) has not played up to its prior years' standards. As for the OL, it was a mess going into the season. As for Ben, Tomlin and (cough cough) Arians deserve some of the credit for his 2007 rebound

But fans can disagree
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