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Default Re: LLT has taken over the draft!!!

Originally Posted by NCSteeler View Post
Ike needs to spend his offseason with a jugs machine. The guy couldn't catch a cold, but somehow is always in good position and if he could catch could easily be a great corner.
Not to high-hack this thread but...

Ike played running back in college but was moved to DB because he struggled with catching passes out of the backfield. Ike is a great corner already; he can stay with almost anyone. Most of the time he even gets in position to make a pick it is because he jumps it, not just because of a blind throw. He would be one of the absolute best in the league if he could catch, but even without that skill he is elite. Plus, if he could catch he would most likely still be at running back - He was a pretty good one.

BTW: Anyone who thinks more interceptions means someone is a better corner, you need to study the position quite a bit better. DeAngello Hall is often among the league lead in interceptions, but that means nothing. He takes chances every game to make a big play and in turn gives up two or three. Players such as Namdi Asumougha and Champ Bailey on the other hand don't get many picks because they shut down their receiver. If the ball is being thrown your way in the first place as a corner, you usually didn't do your job right. Ike is more of the latter type of cornerback, the type that most teams want over an interception artist.
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