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Default Re: AFC Wild Card Weekend:Steelers vs. Jaguars Gameday Thread

Originally Posted by DP_Steeler View Post
Sometimes getting killed by 14+ points makes you feel better ... this game leaves a bad taste in my mouth because even though we played a horrible first half, we had a chance to win it, and despite all the things that could have gone bad in the late stages of the game, IMO, this game was lost due to poor play calling ... as many of you have said, 3rd and six, and the best you can do is come up with a lame bootleg for a not too mobile QB? That play may have had some value in the first quarter, but at that stage of the game we needed a first down to clinch the game ... at least the Jag would have gotten the ball with way less time on the clock ...

Like others have said, you need to play to win, not play to not lose! Horrible play selection ... can't understand why we would not call a quick pass play to Miller or Ward with all the success they had. I'd rather get blown away then lose due to poor play selections.
I aggee that was a bad call......that we had control of.
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