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Default Re: AFC Wild Card Weekend:Steelers vs. Jaguars Gameday Thread

Originally Posted by fansince'76 View Post
Originally Posted by eafratitpm3
I feel sick for our players that they didn't win due to piss poor coaching the last 4 minutes in the game. IMO that was the Steeler blueprint of recent. Get a lead and then just play to lose. I didn't watch the last four minutes as I was on my way to work but when Jax punted to us the last time. I told myself here we go, we're not going to play to win we're going to play to punt and put it on the D. By the way great punt Sep.

If the same players would have executed in the 1st half, maybe we wouldn't have been in that predicament.
It all goes together- The coaches called the plays and the players executed them in the 2nd half to get the lead back. If Ben ran for the first we'd all be saying 'great play calling'.
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