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Default Re: AFC Wild Card Weekend:Steelers vs. Jaguars Gameday Thread

Originally Posted by Hamer View Post
If Ben ran for the first we'd all be saying 'great play calling'.
Unfortunately for the Steelers, passing the ball was working out so nicely that I don't understand why they chose three running plays deep in their own end at that pivotal point in the game. This has been common throughout the year with them that they want to rely on the run game in these situations but they just haven't had it this year. FWP did have a phenomenal season, but it was full of ups and downs running the ball.

Besides that, not only did Ben give the play away right off the bat, but the LT (forget who it was at this point in the night) ran out too wide assuming Ben was following. He should've taken the inside block to clear room for Ben on the outside, because the inside guy ended up blowing the play up who he missed. I don't know if this is a valid point or not, but grant it Ben has more power at the line of scrimmage this year calling audibles and checks, but even in this case tonight with the blown up 3rd down sneak, that side of the Jags D was stacked, why didn't he audible out and run to the right? That's an area where I hope some changes will be made for 2008, giving some more power back to the O-coordinator to check out of plays.

I do agree Harrision was held on that last drive, but of course it wasn't called.

Give the Jags credit though. They may not have had fantastic numbers, but they made plays when it counted the most. Second half you didn't hear much from them, but the 3rd down stop, the run by Garrard, and holding the Steelers on the 2 pt conversion were all fantastic plays that they pulled through on.

Cheer for the Jags though next week. I was really hoping to win tonight so we could go back to NE and spoil their 'perfect' season and make up for all of hte times they have beat us in the playoffs since 96 or so.

Moving on to 2008....
- Billy
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