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Default Re: June Jones... another classless coach...

I don't blame Jones for leaving UH. The school's administration made absolutely no commitment to improve the facilities and no commitment to put more of an emphasis on the recruiting budget. Despite all of that, it is truly remarkable that Jones was able to have the success in Honolulu that he did over the last several years.

I traveled to Oahu in 2002 for the Alabama/UH game and had a wonderful experience, but it was quite obvious that Aloha Stadium is a very dated structure. However, Hawaii is faced with the dilemma of not having very much available space for a new stadium anytime soon. But, if the UH administration would have made a commitment to improving the horrible practice facilities, dressing rooms, etc. on campus, this would have gone a long way in helping the program to be successful in the long run.

Bottomline, June didn't leave for a larger salary - he left because of the lack of support and commitment to the football program. Herman Frazier, the A.D. should be ashamed of himself. He was a failure as A.D. at UAB and has proven that he is incompetent at UH.

I really hate this for the UH fans because they passionately love their Warriors and deserve to see this program succeed.
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