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Default Re: Our Depth Chart... What do we need now?

Nice threads everyone... Thanks Themightyex for taking care of me. I agree fansince... Center is definitely a major need in my opinion. Mahan has not done the job from the very beginning. I know some are gonna get on me for this one.. but I think that we should resign Max Starks and let him have his chance at LT. The man played well there while he was in there at that spot, but I also think that Essex did a fine job saturday night and the week before. I also think that LOT is a huge spot that has to be filled somewhere no matter where it comes from. I think that the true DE must be found as well... I wouldnt mind seeing a MLB taken early as well, because unless they are planning on moving Timmons in there to take Farriors' place in the next couple years... Foote just doesnt make plays like he did 2 years ago.
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