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Default Re: Good Luck Ohio State Buckeyes!

The most glaring factor in the game last night was that LSU's coaching staff out-schemed OSU's coaching staff. That's right - Sweatervest got outcoached by the Mad Hatter (what is the world coming to?) Aside from coaching, the OSU players never showed any confidence in the game, even after they took the quick 10-0 lead. LSU settled down and developed that Eye-of-the-Tiger killer instinct and OSU could not muster any sort of effective counter-punch. LSU just simply wanted it more.

Right now, the SEC is light years better than the Big Ten. The Big Ten teams - especially OSU - need to do some soul searching in the offseason and determine whether or not they want to legitimately compete for national titles anytime soon. Getting to the title game isn't going to cut it any longer because of how severely the Big Ten (OSU) has been dominated in the last two outings. 0-9 all time against the SEC in bowl games is an ugly stat.
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