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Default Re: June Jones... another classless coach...

[QUOTE=CrimsonTideSteelersFan;353305] Hawaii is faced with the dilemma of not having very much available space for a new stadium anytime soon. But, if the UH administration would have made a commitment to improving the horrible practice facilities, dressing rooms, etc. on campus, this would have gone a long way in helping the program to be successful in the long run.

There is a reason the Rainbow Warriors are not ready for the Pac-10 as many here were clamouring on about.

Aloha Stadium has the character of a hollow block and the thrill of watching a mason build a hollow block wall. And I see zero justification for UH to capitalize a world-class college football program. Hawaii should be spending the money on educating the under-educated masses here rather than stoking a game for a few.

It's hard to fault June Jones for getting sick-and-tired of working undercaptialized and operating on a shoe string. Even with success it get's old and tired.
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