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Default Re: I want the foam!

Originally Posted by Steel Pit View Post
Yep, I've ran into him at just about every Steelers game that I've attended and when I don't attend the game it seems as if the dude always makes it on television.

I know the item that you're speaking of but I don't know where you could buy one. It almost looks like a homemade item.

By the way, is this the fan that you're talking about?

That's funny... The guy in the middle is my DAD! :) He is at a good many games and I try to make half of the ones that he does. We are from Irwin, PA, but now live 3? hours away in Maryland. His hat is just a modified ski hat from Shenk & Titlle (sp?).

Here is a photo of us together...


I did see the guy you speak of at the Jags game. They WERE sweet hats. G'luck finding one.
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