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Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
The only thing funnier than someone whining about sports is the guy who makes fun of that guy.

It's kind of a sad pathetic circle.
What about the guy that makes fun of the guy who makes fun of that guy?

WE already know how bad the Buckeyes are when they play outside of Ohio. AGAIN AND AGAIN. As I see it OSU should be banned from the Title game for the next decade but at least it won't be an issue going forward.

They HAVE to play USC. No sweater or ESPN "analyst" can change that. And at full strength the Trojans have proved that every program in the NCAA is either underwater or treading water to stay afloat with the Pete Carroll Era.

Buckeye the medicine cabinet because the credibility coat tails that write your pathetic pass to entitlement are NOW RENDERED DOA. At least Arizona State doesn't put little gold stars on their helmets for turning in homework in kindergarten.
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