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Default Re: Season ticket holders... how long did you wait?

Originally Posted by Gumby21 View Post
whats PSL? because I def want to do this for the next season, thanks for the info
PSL stands for Personal Seat License. When Heinz Field was built they charged all existing (and any new) season ticket holders a one-time PSL fee to raise funds to build the stadium. They varied in price depending where the seats were located but they were around $1K to $2K per seat. Once purchased they provide you with the right to purchase season tickets every year. You are actually required to purchase tickets every year otherwise you forfeit all rights. PSL rules vary by team, but in the case of the Steelers they allow you to transfer (sell) your PSL to someone else. The Steelers main site has info buried somewhere in there. I can't post a link but it's under the tickets section under seattransferpolicy

I spent a couple of years watching for the right seats. Generally speaking you should be prepared to pay anywhere between $5K and $20K per seat for the PSL. That will be the price to the existing PSL holder, you'll pay the Steelers for tix every year, of course. The Steelers only except transfers during a limited window, so you'll want to use some sort of escrow while you wait for them to approve it. I'll tell you, it was nerve wracking waiting for the transfer to go through.

There is a website (I hope I don't get in trouble for posting it) called that lists PSLs for sale. They also have a downloadable excel spreadsheet summarizing PSL transfers from last year to give you a sense of price. You can also check EBay, Craigslist, etc.

Hope this helps.

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