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Default Re: Steelers Should Try ...

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post

Great. Another Willie sucks thread. At least this one is cleverly disguised. Do you really thing Jerome in his prime would have had more yards this year with that line?

I loved the Bus. But Steelers fans have to realize that RB greatness is not measured by a scale.
No... I Think Your Wrong Preacher...
I am not hating Willie at all, I just think that we also need a power back to give him the rest late in the games and give us a great power back for the goal line situation. If anyone has paid attention to Willie's running with his head down into the pile, then you know that he could have had a whole lot more yards this season. Bettis has said it time and time again that he needs to be more patient and keep his head up while he is running inside.
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