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Default Re: Rivals latest Top 100 and Commits

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
lol...i hope so....did you know that fat bastard (fredgien) revoked steve slattons scholarship at UMD ? a friend of mines nephew, was a senior kicker/punter at my old high school , got several scholarships offers from DIV 1 schools, such as penn state, notre dame, WVU, Virginia, and a few others. he was invited to visit Maryland, where he wanted to go. when he got there, fat ass told him they don't give scholarships to kickers, but they'd like to have him on the team.... he's going to freakin WVU.........This kid (levi mallow) has been groomed to be a kicker since a very young age. i've seen him consistently boot 50 yarders.,and all of his kickoffs go into the endzone....stupid fat ass !!!
Forget college...

Pick him up in FA for the Steelers!!
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