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Default Re: Playoff Tickets

There have been tickets to the Lower Level seats that have gone for $300-$350 on e-bay but you have to dedicate so much time to sitting in front of the computer it gets ridiculous! Due to the weather I'm on line more than I've ever been so I usually don't have the kind of time it takes to dedicate to that stuff. I thought about scalping but I'm not sure if I'll get gouged more that way or better yet, buy bogus tickets. Think I'll stick with my routine and stay home and watch it. I bought tickets to the Cleveland playoff game a few years ago for $200/pc, sitting inSect. 135. Those same seats are going for around $800/pc this year. CRAZY!!! I was hoping a sympathetic season ticket holder would take pity on a fellow fan and sell them at a reasonable price, but that's obviously not going to happen. Tax free profit to good to resist I guess, don't know what I was thinking! Later!
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