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Default Re: Duke fans.

Originally Posted by SteelCityMan786 View Post
Yeah I know, but we'll be looking to give you 2 great games. Our rivalry is just that great MOP.

I have the devil horns ready to spear the turtle.

Yeah I know a few of them. Both Clemson and fans and Duke fans a like we're celebrating this day with you. (Like you guys, we hate UNC).

Jeremy, I got to school with people who are Duke fans and they have a lot more decency then you think. I'm not one of the fans who go out starting let's go duke chants during the middle of a game. Neither are they.

It's insulting to those of us Duke fans who show some actual courtesy are getting our reputations tarnished unfairly that we are being all classified together as one with those who are actually showing none. Why should those of us who actually have class have to be ridiculed? Yeah we're have to stick together with our fellow fans like all others, but NOT all of us I repeat NOT all of us classless.
Because those of you who claim to have class sit quietly by most of the time when the rest of your "fan base" embarrasses themselves on a regular basis. And you people are the reason that Dicky Vitale still has a job.
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