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Default Re: Steelers vs Bengals Game Day Thread

Originally Posted by KingKoopa
damn, ****ing starks, then ****ing essex, then ****ing special teams, all bastards.......and i didn't give up on the steelers i'm keeping it real and not trying to get my hopes up for no damn reason......... cheifs lose tonight, chargers lose to the colts we can still get that last wildcard cause bastar browns ****ed up and lost to the jags............oh well lets keep our heads up and pray for that last wild card or for a bengal melt down

Koopa, you saying your keeping it real?

You said the FG was a precursor to a loss. It ended up being very important. When down by 14 you said it was over and yet we had the ball down by 7 with 2 minutes left.

Your keeping it real, is just you being pessimistic, that does not mean real.

I do understand if your pissed and you say some shit that is wrong because of emotions, but dont say its keeping it real, if anything it was incredibly false.
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