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Default Re: Police on scene at standoff at Steelers player's home

Originally Posted by lamberts-lost-tooth View Post
Is Cedrick dating Chris Henry's sister?
does anyone remember about 2 years ago we had a young teenage poster here who said cedric wilson was dating his sister and hanging out at his house?

he was getting razzed a bit, but he finally produced pictures. i'll have to see if i can find the link.


BadaBing!- is "hines alou" related to the psycho in question...

Originally Posted by Hines Alou View Post
So my sister met cedrick wilson, WR for the Steelers, and they were hangin out at my house while me and some of my boys were doin a fantasy baseball draft. It was sweet as hell, not gonna lie.

He told me my first steeler video was shown to the Steelers before the Super Bowl as a pump up, we talked about the upcoming draft, bout the Steelers, it was just sweet overall. He was on the phone with chris hope in my kitchenand told him "Man this dude here knows more sports then anyone I ever met" (referring to me ). Then we talked about TO and his situation, and he made some hilarious remark saying "Man, Bledsoe couldnt throw anything into a pond."

Overall just a sweet night. He may not be the best reciever in the league, but it was sweet to hang out with a dude in the NFL. He's definately a really nice guy too.
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