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Thanks so much for the cool comments all! I found a yellow/gold blank jersey WITH spandex sides and cuffed sleeves at a team sports website that sells high school sports jerseys (blank or customized). I bought the blank jersey for $50. I wanted to make the jersey look as much as an authentic pro football jersey as possible. Fortunately I already had an authentic Nike Pro Line Kordell Stewart Steelers jersey, and I unstitched the NFL logo collar patch, the Nike Pro Line jock tag, and cut out the Steelers team logo patch. I also had an extra Jerome Bettis authentic Reebok away jersey (and it was too big for me anyway), and I unstitched the front, back, and shoulder black numbers. I unstitched the Bettis name from the back. The letters were yellow with black underlay. I removed/unstitched the yellow letters and kept the black letters. Then I went to Joann Fabrics and bought a sheet of iron on adhesive paper backing. After I finished ironing the adhesive paper backing onto the numbers, patches, etc, I positioned them onto the jersey and ironed them on. I then went to a reliable seamstress/tailor shop and had them sew the numbers and patches. Finally, I went to a very reputable sports customizing shop and had them stitch the colored stripes onto the sleeves. I then added the black Nike swooshes above the stripes on the sleeves. I was soooo thrilled with the finished product and am really proud to own it. I think it looks pretty durn professional from a nobody like me!
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